Thursday, January 20, 2011

Painting the house

I've had this image on my desktop for a long time. I'd grabbed it from ffffound in an image grabbing spree, but never read anything on the artist. I decided today that I needed to paint a little bit, and thought I would take a shot at painting my house in this style. Afterwards, I thought I would try and do some detective work to see where my mystery image came from. Turns out it is the art of David Linneweh. And lo and behold, it is online at Little Paper Planes(check it out, buy some art!), and very inexpensive!

Sadly I had done the research after I did the painting, or I might have just bought one. 15 bucks, what a steal! Here's my version, not as cool as his, but then again, I am not a painter.

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