Friday, January 14, 2011

Testing out the Yudu!

I finally got my Yudu out of the box inside of the box inside of the box. They haven't quite figured out eco-friendly shipping yet. I guess. Anyways, time to test it out, and make some save the dates for the wedding. I thought I had come up with a somewhat original idea, but it turns out this has been done time and time again. I would reference a website I looked at for help, but I'd have to list them all. Vintage postcard save the dates are everywhere. Oh well.
So how did the Yudu work? Very well, considering it encountered a little user error. While I was purchasing, I failed to read that it is primarily for printing on cloth. They suggest trying other substrates, but the ink they provide is "fabric only" ink. It works on paper though. As does water soluble paint. No different than regular screenprinting, I believe. Leave your ink/paint/goo on the screen too long, it will clog.
So for the user error. The contents list of my box listed one emulsion sheet (unlike regular screenprinting, where you apply liquid emulsion to a screen, this is pre-done, on a piece of plastic. Similar to a pudding skin), but halfway through the drying process, I realized I was the proud owner of two emulsion sheets. Plastered one on top of the other on my screen. I was able to peel the second one off, and maybe salvage it. The other one adhered to the screen, but came off while I was printing. It stayed long enough to finish the save the dates, but fell apart afterwards. I'll give the next emulsion sheet a shot, and give the Yudu the benefit of the doubt for now. But if that second sheet wipes off while printing like the first one did, I'll have to have a stern talking with that machine's makers...Grrr....

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