Thursday, February 17, 2011


Aaaah, I thought I was jumping the gun. It turns out I left the gun at home all together. I did not, in fact, jump any gun. I completely forgot to enter my design into the Spoonflower contest. You can still see my design in my Spoonflower design library, but it's not up for purchase yet, so hold off on reupholstering that sofa. As soon as I have some extra change laying around I will get some proofs of the fabric, and set the up to be available for purchase to the public. This week's contest was 'Pointillism', a technique where individual small dots of color are used to create a more complete image. I love pointillism, and thought it would be interesting to give it a try on the computer. My work doesn't exactly exhibit the right characteristics of pointillism, but it's dots. So that's pretty close right? Close enough for me.

Personally, my favorite way to create a pointillist painting is with a Q-tip. A technique you might have tried in the 1st grade, or earlier, but a pretty solid technique nonetheless. Maybe today I'll get a little kindergarten-y. Who knows...

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