Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where oh where has my blogger been?

I've been on vacation.
I know, you might have thought the blog suddenly became too big for it's britches and was sold to a corporation to run. No, although it is INSANELY popular (my mom reads it now), the blog still fits quite well in it's britches. I've been out of town and didn't have a good plan to update while I was away. And honestly, wasn't sure anyone would check it while I was out. So I wasn't too concerned. Will be back Tuesday though.

So, this little filler post. What's a girl to do. This week's Spoonflower contest is Squids. And of course, you should all vote for me, of course, of course. But there are so many amazing entries this week. They are all unique, many different styles, variations on the themes, hilarious takes on the theme (squid? I mean, what are we supposed to do?), great techniques and colorways. This contest isn't the best time to bring up buying yardage, but I do believe Spoonflower is a great way to support small artists, and a small company. And, yes, your guest bathroom would look looovely with a squid theme.

Here are my favorite entries this week:

Jaana : love it when people use a simple layout for something intricate.

Sarah Childress : isn't type fun?

Alison Grenier : Hello Lilly Pulitzer

Magneetje : color! technique! layout! yowza!

Patty Sloniger : a very deep pattern.... pun.

Cody Scarborough : uuuuugh, soooo nice. can't wait to see more work like this.

And then, mine. This is the one you're supposed to love the most.

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Holly said...

Ooh before I saw your name I smiled and thought: "Oooh this one is my favorite!"