Monday, April 11, 2011

Sketchbook Today: Progressions

Some thoughts from an old fashion sketching class. This was the (my) process of developing a illustrative concept into apparel. I sort of never understood the correlation. Are there any fashion designers out there that do their own illustrations anyways? And who even does these? I'm pretty unfamiliar with fashion, I don't think it takes many sketches to come up with sweatpants and a tee shirt, but as far as I'm concerned,  'fashion sketching' is just for fun. For me at least.

Images below:
1. first draft. I love fabric scraps, so I was doing some free motion embroidery with fabric on paper.
2. I believe I was required to do a marker/pencil drawing. To show I can illustrate fabric correctly. I quickly decided that plaid wasn't a good choice. If you look closely you can see my notes next to each plaid that says 'wrong plaid'. Whoops.
3. Close up of another concept sketch. See how she matches back to the second model in the marker sketch? Hmmm? 
4, 5, 6. The final outcome. I believe this was also my final project, which I turned in half finished, whoops again. 

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