Saturday, April 23, 2011


I haven't had time to post much new creative.  So why not post what I'm working on, that is taking my time away from dear, beloved creative blog posts? Wedding invitations have been on my to-do list for a while, and now the are to-done. Thank goodness.
I designed the invites, had them printed at Kinko's (they did a surprisingly great job), cut them out, and used scrap paper for a band to hold the whole package together. Because I saved so much money doing every thing else that way, I splurged for 'nice' envelopes. Turns out they weren't super nice. They started falling apart while I was stuffing them. Mr. Sam Flax, expect a complaint from me! Just kidding. I'll just assume the president and CEO of Sam Flax read my blog.

Thought I'd save these mystery people the fan mail, and erase their names.

The pieces, almost ready to be assembled. Notice I did all that cutting on a tiny little old mat. I suuure could use a bigger one. Oh, and what do you know, I have an engagement coming up where gifts are usually given. Hmmm.

Almost ready. Almost every single picture turned out colored differently. This one has the truest lighting,  so if you're wondering what the colors actually are, they are this:

Everything had the same contents: invite, directions card and accommodations for out-of-towners. Each card had a patterned back, and the wrap was different on each, so I got a little creative on combos. But it was mostly however I picked up the ingredients.

I had a great time with the calligraphy. Expect to see that offered (incase you're interested!) when I get my real website going! 

All bundled up, ready to go to the post office. Return address I printed out, Xyroned and stuck on.

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