Friday, September 9, 2011

Work for my love

I know it's a little cheesy, but right now, my best and most prolific client is my husband (well, his gym). I guess he believes in me. Or he very much enjoys my friends and family discount. Either way, he keeps coming back for more.

I recently did an infographic-type poster for his gym. I say infographic-type, because let's not kid ourselves, I have no idea what a real infographic is supposed to look like. I've based this design on the countless infographics I've seen on popular websites. And believe you me, there are incredible numbers of these out there. So many, that there are also countless infographics ON infographics. Amazing. Trends are simply amazing.
The poster is for my husband's gym's Healthy Eating Challenge. Every now and then, he holds a challenge to his members to eat as healthy as they can for a certain period of time. There are tests, workouts, before and after pictures to show the results after the challenge. I've done this twice before, and seen incredible results. It is amazing to me that more people aren't learning to eat better, as opposed to running on that treadmill for hours upon hours.

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