Thursday, December 29, 2011

Older inspiration

Way back when I had a desk job, and spent a good bit of my time 'researching' to develop new concepts. Lots of these images where personally inspiring, but in all honesty, I did find inspiration for that desk job too, amazingly.

There are some incredible things out on the internet. So many that a most times I'm overwhelmed. So instead of delving back in to the world wide web, I search my old computer folders (I've got looots of paper folders too) of inspiration. This way it's like viewing the internet, but it's all images I've seen before. Some I haven't seen in a long time, some I look at all the time for inspiration. Either way, they're still inspiring, whether I'm viewing it in a different season, developing a different design, or looking at the image for a different reason: color, style, form, trend.

Here are some of my favorite goodies. Unfortunately, I've never been great at documenting their sources while I'm collecting them. I know a few of the links, but some are mysteries, so if I've used your image without crediting you, I apologize a billion times over. But you do have good style, you mystery person.
1. Goodness... No idea.
2, 4. Charlotte Taylor
3. Herriott Grace
5. Well...via Luphia Loves, via someone else...
6. Anthropologie
7. Rue Magazine
8. Also, no idea...
9. And again, I know it's impressive, but... no idea.
10. minakani

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