Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've got the itch...

Well, it might be the plethora of mosquitos Brazil seems to have, but I also am feeling the itch to weave! Maybe it's the simplicity of some things that are done in Brazil, but I'm wanting to make something with my hands. And, maybe it's my completely barren floors, devoid of chairs, a couch, rugs, lamps...literally everything, but I'm wanting to whip up a rug or two.

How great is this little hula-hoop rug tutorial? Great right? I wish I was babysitting a kid right now. I'd be rugging it up. With a hula-hoop contest afterwards.

For more info, the tutorial is from Disney's Family Fun. There are some great kid's (okay, maybe adult too) crafts, for all of you stuck inside because the weather is too cold.

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