Monday, August 6, 2012

Sketchbook Today

You know what? At first I just wrote the post below. Then I thought, hey, why am I cheating these people? They shouldn't have to look at parts of the whole and not get to see the actual whole! Well. I am here to correct that mistake. Above is the whole. Let's see, I'm playing with some paper here, and some fabric, and I have a few photos of mine... Then let's see, probably some internet inspiration... Yes, that seems to be it. Now if you still want to read the original post, go ahead, it's below. Not nearly as exciting as the whole thing though, right?

Just a little something from an old sketchbook. Well... Not a sketchbook. A book full of scraps and clippings and...well, sketches too. But I guess I wouldn't consider it a sketchbook. Inspirational notebook? Maybe that's better? Anyway, here we go. What do we have here? A little doodle, a Zimbabwean money note, a photo of Alcatraz. And then, and old color theory project, a photo, and a little fabric sample. Just a nice little arrangement of color, yes?

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