Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Full Moon Pie over Recife

So did you guys know that the last full moon (May 5) looked larger to the naked eye? This is because of some scientific thing that I read, but don't have the energy to re-find and post here. Something like the orbit of the moon is passing by the earth at it's closest point, and that happens to be during a full moon? That actually sounded pretty good, so it might be close to correct. Apparently it happened last year too, but this report thing said it was a rare occurrence. doesn't always have it's story straight does it?

Anyway, some of you know, some of you don't, I live in Brazil. It's really nice here and my husband and I are making it home (we just moved here). I don't miss much (I miss family, friends, one really great supermarket), but every now and then something sneaks up and gets me. Like MoonPies. I grew up in Alabama, and although I know MoonPies are a regular old treat elsewhere, they're strictly Mardi Gras snacks where I come from. And maybe because I missed Mardi Gras (okay, I've missed for a few years in a row now), but maybe because of this great full moon, but I sure could use a MoonPie.

They're best in the microwave, but we don't have one of those. So I'd just eat it normal.  I don't think they sell them here, and I'm not paying shipping to send myself junk food (nor do I want anyone else spending that sort of money to help me fulfill my sweet tooth's needs), so I looked around on the internet and found a recipe for homemade MoonPies. Now, I'm not trying it yet, because I've got some other things to do, but I will. And I'll let you know how they measure up. See recipe HERE at Brown Eyed Baker. Images of MoonPies (with my drawings on them) courtesy of Old Time Candy, which if the recipe turns out bad (not the recipe's fault, it would be mine) I might utilize to acquire some sweet tasty MoonPies.

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