Thursday, June 14, 2012

Year one

Yay! Last Sunday was me and my husband's first anniversary. None of our parents remembered, of course, until we reminded them. They all sent cards, but because we're in another continent, they sent them early, and by the time the actual date had come, I think they'd forgotten. But they were all very congratulatory when we reminded them. Love you fam, couldn't have done it, or anything really, without you.

Our neighbors down here, who only see us bumming around the pool and hanging out in sweatpants and tee shirts (bad thing about living in a condo, many more people see what you wear when you're home, which for me, is sweatpants and a tee shirt), told us we had to go out! See the town! Travel to an exotic destination! Well, in our one year of marriage we've stepped foot in 27 US States, 4 Brazilian states and 6 countries. So we went out for dinner across the street. During the day we played cards, went to the beach, took a walk. Sort of our normal routine, but we did it with extra flair, because we knew the day was specifically for us.

Here's our cake. It was just as delicious 1 year later. Tasted pretty much the same. Our topper did not fair as well. We do handstands when we travel (errr, maybe I'll explain that better later), so it was us doing handstands. Well one of my arms broke off, and my hubby lost both of his, poor guy.

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Relyn said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary.