Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A DIY I could handle

So I really love to make stuff, but usually there isn't enough rhyme or reason to make a DIY for others to follow, from my work. A lot of times I will finish a project, having documented the whole thing, and go back through the process and see that it might actually work for a DIY, but man, after I do a project I'm too exhausted to write up a DIY!!! So I really appreciate those that post easy to follow, easy to execute, and beautiful DIYs. I've recently come across a few that I love, and really would love to try.

Here is a wonderful tutorial for color blocked pants. I only have like three pairs of pants that fit, so maybe I won't risk turning one into a fashion statement. That means only two normal pants. But. If I do change my pants....this is how I will do it. Tutorial at Honestly WTF.

And then, another thing I love, but might not do (I live in Brazil, there isn't much wool going on here, it's hot). Find this tutorial at Honestly WTF as well.

Mmmm, rope belt! I've got lots of rope... If I don't cover it with fabric, I'll paint some. And then I'll let you know how that goes. Find rope belt at A Pair and a Spare.
Beaded belt. I thought this one would be the most complex, but it looks like if you have decent shopping resources, this one could be easy! I was going to hand bead the whole thing (okay, I wasn't actually going to hand bead anything, most likely. Just think that I would). Found at a Pair and a Spare as well.

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