Wednesday, October 10, 2012

X + Block Outtakes

Oh I love that I document my sewing process. It's so nice to go back through my pictures and realize that the majority of them are of mistakes. 
 I thought I would make a project with some scraps. I had little pile that I thought would be nice to use (see photo on left), but after I sewed and trimmed the project, because I didn't read it through very thoroughly, I was left with a whole new pile of scraps. Dang!
 Hmm, photo 1, shucks it looks like I sewed that fabric on wrong-sided. The next piece I sewed? Same thing. Impressive right? That someone can make a mistake, think to photograph it, then make the same exact mistake again! Luckily both of these fabrics have pretty backsides (or so I think) so I kept them. 
Okay, so this one isn't a mistake. It's actually probably my favorite part of ironing. I love to iron red/pink fabrics that change colors with heat. So much fun!
 Photo on the left, whoops, it looks like on arm of my cross is backwards (again, thought it looked nice that way so I kept it). Photo on the right, you see the gingham and the stripe? Those seams are supposed to match! bahaha! Good jokes, right? Good jokes. I did go back and fix this one. The whole thing was about a half inch off.
In then end though, mistakes and all, I thought these blocks turned out super pretty. I made four and have no idea what to do with them at the moment. My brain is telling me to just wait for more scraps.

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