Thursday, November 29, 2012

A slight obsession with Elora Hardy

Well, partially because she's a print designer, and I would love to do everything she does. Move to Bali, sure! Build a sustainable company, yes way! Maybe sometime in the future. Anyway. What started me on her was her incredibly incredible Bali wedding on OnceWed. At first I gaffed it at, thinking how much I hate how over the top and extravagant weddings are getting. Then I read a little more, a little more, saw the other posts full of pictures, read more about Elora. And now I'm obsessed. With her and her dad. Both of em.

See her wedding here: OnceWed
See her TED talk here: INK talks


Jessica said...

I was just looking at these photos too! I had no idea she is such an innovative designer! Glad you shared this, I'll definitely look up her TEDtalk.

Unknown said...
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