Monday, December 10, 2012

Cozy crochet cup hugger

Okay, so I'm not going to lie. Where I live it is warm all the time. I have no need to snuggle up with a warm cup, with an even warmer hugger. But I made these with visions of snuggling up waiting for the thermometer to drop.

I never really got into knitting. I was always way too inconsistent when I tried. I was too tight! I was too loose! I just didn't get it. But crochet. I got that. So easy! So simple! I'm in! I saw a project similar to these over at Luke Hayne's hilarious and inspiring blog. I believe his was knit. I opted for the ole crochet. With a little bit of applique (because, of course, I made two, one for me and one for my husband, who doesn't like hot drinks in the first place, but would be even quicker to turn one down in a heart appliqued mug) to spice it up.

So. How did I make it? Well. I crocheted in a circle, until it was the size of the bottom of my glass (you can use a bell jar, or any other kind of recycled glass container), then started up! I did a few rows separate for the handle, then just stitched that on with a needle. I also don't know how to finish something like this, so I just stitched in the leftover string with a needle until I thought it wouldn't come apart. I used wool yarn, and if I had a dishwasher I'd love to try and throw it in, on the glass still, to see if it would felt. But I only handwash. So I don't know.

Also. Since this post I've used this for chocolate milk, coffee and wine, and have gotten all three on the hugger. We'll see how washing goes.

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