Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Color Theory with Luxe in Bloom

Okay, I'll be honest, most of my blog posts for a while are going to be about Luxe in Bloom, because you can buy it now! I've been crafting up stuff for a bit, but I honestly am way more excited to see what YOU do with the fabric. You know, my job is to make the fabric, your job is to make incredible things with it. I like to think of a really great quote from David Butler that I got from an amazing creativebug video. I won't put words in his mouth, but I believe it went something like this:

I want to make the crayons that people color with.

I thought that was so amazing. That video had some great quotes. Another great one from Tula Pink on pattern. I wrote them down, I'll share them when I find the piece of paper I wrote them down on. So back on topic. I saw on ____'s blog (I'll find the link soon) how she mixed and matched her fabric with all the other great fabric designs in her stash. I'm all about that! Except I have literally ran out of fabric. Haha. I ordered more, and hopefully it's on it's way. But for now I've done some color matching with Luxe in Bloom, hopefully it might help you use it with your stash!

Here's a few, I'll post more later!

Fabrics features are, from top to bottom, Luxe in Bloom: Jeweled Peony Boreal, Flumes Citron and Flumes Indigo.

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