Monday, January 28, 2013

No scissors on the airplane

I took these pictures on my way to the US for fall Quilt Market. I have some small scissors that I normally bring on airplanes, but I guess I neglected to pack them. So I thought I'd post a little insight on  additional ways to cut your embroidery floss (uh, because that's what you do on airplanes, right?) without scissors. One of my favorite ways is my teeth, but I'll spare you the photos of my chewing on my floss. A little more socially acceptable way is to use a pencil sharpener. Thinking back, I guess that's not something that most people would have, but I had it. Simply thread your floss through the pencil hole, grab both ends and tug a bit. It works great. I only brought my scrap floss on the plane, and a little cloth book I made for embroidery doodles. I got pretty far on the embroidery, but am waiting for my next flight to work on more.

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