Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weekly Luxe in Bloom Project 3!

So I don't have a rotary cutter. Maybe that's the reason that my straight lines don't work so well? Maybe I'm just cutting everything crooked! Haha. I try and take pictures of my process, but they usually all end up like this one. Feet propped up on a chair, some sort of flat surface on my lap and some cut up pieces of fabric (that are usually held down by some heavy object because the wind here is nuts). So I cut up all these triangles! Or rather, cut up squares, then cut again. Then I arranged until I like the arrangement. And then I sewed. See how many corners don't match up? It's hilarious to me. But no one will ever notice. Except for you guys, because I told you. 
This here is more or less the finished product. Pillow cover, methinks. It's not actually big enough for any of my pillows yet, haha. But I'll expand on it a bit.  
Fabrics used are Luxe in Bloom Boucherouite, Marquise in both colorways, Flumes in both colorways, Jeweled Peony, an old shirt is the light blue, an Amy Butler print, and Art Gallery Fabric's Ovals Elements. Ta-da! Project! And when it's actually done, I'll put it up.

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