Monday, February 25, 2013

Adventures in Quilting

I've been working on some original quilt designs with Luxe in Bloom, and I'm loving them (although they're taking a while for me to finish up!), but I wanted to try out some of the other great quilt trends and designs that are out there right now.

I've started out with the Summer Sampler Series, which I first found out about at Fresh Lemons Quilts. I totally admire all of Faith's designs, and especially her color choices. They are something to behold. Since this yields large blocks, and starts out with some simple sewing, I thought it was something great for me. And I am LOVING the outcome. Before I started I thought I'd just make a few of the blocks, but now that I've seen just three finished blocks, I know I have to make a full quilt. The design of the quilt is very clean, and the large scale of the blocks gives the quilt a very modern look. Adding in Luxe in Bloom evens it all out, and I know this would be a wonderful gift for anyone.

I've added these to my Luxe in Bloom flickr group, if you've made anything with Luxe in Bloom, feel free to add in!

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