Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Circular Baggies

So I saw this great video on training your dog's nose, where the trainer had three little boxes and the dog would sniff out the one that had the food in it. Neat, right? Then they get a little treat for finding the right one, and the owner mixes up the boxes and you keep playing with the dog. Thought it looked like fun. So I decided to make some little bags that I could use to play this game with Sophia. I thought fabric would work great because she can smell through it (the video suggested poking holes in tupperware, not my beloved tupperware you don't!), and I could open the baggies flat to wash them.

In retrospect, if I were using these for anything other than this puppy game (which she is pretty horrible at, by the way), I'd make them bigger. They would work great for kid's snack's (in lunch bags!) or valentines, because they're small and simple to make!

So here's how it's done: Take a circle shape (you know, bowl, plate, cup, etc) of your preferred size, and trace two circles of fabric. You can make it any size you like, I used teacup saucer size. With printed sides in, stitch around the outer edge, leaving a little bit unstitched (you know, like two or three fingers, depending on your finger size). Turn right-side out, and iron. I've attached a picture below of where to make the next stitches. I love topstitching, so I did a stitch around the outer edge, then two more stitches to make your drawstring. I made a little X on the bottom to keep it all together when I wash it. Make a little snip inside of the two parallel stitches and thread your drawstring through there. Shazam, you've got a baggie.

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