Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Luxe in Bloom Boucherouite Curtain Tieback

Hey guys!
So I've got a few Luxe in Bloom projects for you, keep checking back in the next few days. Also there will be a Luxe in Bloom giveaway, sponsored by Art Gallery Fabrics, on Thursday the 21, so make sure to check back then. And Indian Summer comes out very soon, so keep checking back for Indian Summer projects!

The project today? Curtain tiebacks. We live in an open air house, so that means the windows never shut. The sun here is extremely strong though, so we have curtains on every window. But man, with the windows open, those buggers are always flapping around like crazy. So it was time to do something about it. I made these curtain tiebacks and I honestly love them so much that they're going on every curtain in the house. I was worried my husband wouldn't be too keen on the giant bows, so I made them removable. But it turns out he's okay with them. So that's great!

To make the curtain tieback:

-Take a rope or spare piece of fabric to measure how long your tieback should be. I took one and tied it around, made sure that it would hold up (because these aren't the tiebacks that connect to the wall, they're held up by the tension of the curtain), and that's how I came up with the length. Our curtains are sheer (okay, we have two sets of curtain, a thick light blocking on, and a sheer, the sheer one is the one I tied back), so not very thick. The length of my tieback was 15", with a width of about 3 inches.

-Cut one piece of fabric the length of your rope measurement, with width of 6 inches (or double your desired width). Fold in half, printed side facing, and sew around edges, leaving one side open to turn right side out. You can easily follow the first part of See Kate Sew's bow tutorial for this, it's the same process.

-Turn and iron, stitch open seam closed. I love raw edge, so if you don't want to turn and press your open seam in, just stitch it shut!

-I used a large button to close the tieback. Choose your button and attach to one end of tieback. Make a buttonhole on the other end. Sew4Home is a great resource for buttonholes, if you're not sure how to make one.

To make the big bow, I used See Kate Sew's big bow tutorial. Let me tell you, it is an amazingly easy project. I have bows all over my house now. I actually didn't use interfacing for my bow, because I reduced the size and thought it would hold up on it's own. It does, Art Gallery has a wonderful quality fabric, and it holds it's shape tremendously well!

See Kate Sew's bow calls for 12x36" of fabric. I used 6x36" for my bow and 6x3" for my bow encasement. I did revise my bow encasement to make the bow removable.

I followed all of the instructions, except for the 'trim off the extras'. Here I folded over the rough edge, stitched that down, and made a buttonhole. I attached the bow to the curtain tieback with the button already on the curtain tieback.

So that's it! Hope you guys like it, find it useful, et cetera, et cetera, right? I had fun making it, so go make you one!

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marcille said...

I don't have a single curtain in my house, but I love your tie-backs. I may have to put curtains in just so I can make some.