Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gifts from the Sea

Lately I've been trying to get a little more creative with my handmade gifts. One can only receive so many coasters before they say enough. So this year I've come up with what I think is a winner of an idea. Sea salt! I love near the Atlantic Ocean, and have sort of lived near enough to water my whole life, but have never thought to harvest salt. Duh! The idea isn't totally original, it came into my thought process while I was reading A Whole Larder Love's Workshop Info page, and then I found out a bit more in detail from Not Without Salt's article. It just seems so simple. I mean, that is if you don't mind answering questions like 'what are you doing bringing salt water up to your apartment'.

I brought in probably 6 liters and that yielded about 2 cups (I'm not looking at it right now, just guessing) of salt. It seemed like a lot of salt, maybe not 2 cups though. It tastes great, a very oceany flavor, and it's really not super salty, which surprises me. If you're interested in making your own, check out Not Without Salt, or follow these steps:

1. Collect salt water from the freshest area you have access to.
2. Filter through layered cheesecloth (okay, I didn't have cheesecloth, I just layered a ton of fabric)
3. Boil! Shabam, you've made sea salt. Amazing.
4. Bottle. I put mine in a recycled coconut milk bottle (they come in the most amazing bottles here) and am searching out a cork to cut down to size. Use whatever you have, but make sure it's airtight. There is a little label at the bottom of this post, it's high resolution, so you should be able to take it and print it out yourself, should you be in the salt making mood.

 In the photos: Napkin, made with Boucherouite Blush from Luxe in Bloom, and these amazing soda bottle tops that keep getting washed up on our beach. Great design right? Colorful, bold, rusty!

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