Monday, June 3, 2013

International Quilt Market E-Insider

Oh, I've been meaning to post about this, and it's still pretty exciting, even if it's a little late. A while back I did an interview for Quilts Inc.'s e-Insider, a digital newsletter for Quilts Inc. news (and lots of Quilt Market information too!). I had heard it came out, but then kept forgetting to find it, and somehow, I had not subscribed. But don't worry, I've subscribed now. And I found it on the internet, and will share it with you here!

I really like doing interviews, it always fascinating to see what people want to know about. I personally keep a list of questions that I'd ask someone if I were ever to interview anyone. If you had to change jobs, what profession would you choose? Professional snorkler, duh.

See the interview here, and the rest of the e-Insider, Volume 8, Number 2 here! And, if that weren't enough, I was also in another one )Volume 8, Number 1) for my booth award last fall. I need to get on top of these things! See that one here (it's just a picture, no deep thoughts there).

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