Monday, June 10, 2013

Luxe in Bloom Lone Star Quilt + Sizzix Tutorial

Hey guys!
So slowly, but surely, I'm getting to know more people in the quilting/quilt blogging community. And it's so much fun to have a personal relationship with these folks, because you get to know what they're working on! Sometimes even before they tell the rest of the world. It's really exciting. I mean, it really is. Getting a sneak peek of a project in an email is super fun, especially when it involves something you've helped create (fabric, in my case).

Amy, from During Quiet Time, had been working on a project for the Sizzix blog for a bit, and she let me in the loop early, letting me know there was Luxe in Bloom involved. I was super excited to hear about that, and then she told me she was doing a Lone Star (for you non-quilters, check some out here), which I think is a really beautiful traditional quilt, and I'm always excited to see people update traditional designs with modern fabric.

Below are Amy's pictures, all property of During Quiet Time, so if you share, please give credit to her. You can find the tutorial at the Sizzix Blog, and more information on the quilt at Amy's blog, During Quiet Time. I hope you love it as much as I do!

For where to buy Luxe in Bloom, or Indian Summer, check out Art Gallery Fabric's 'Where to Buy' page.

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Kelly said...

It looks fabulous in Luxe in Bloom.