Monday, July 29, 2013

Magazines (that I'm featured in!)

Okay! Here we go, look at this, it's some publications that I've been in the last few months. I've sort of been hanging on to them waiting for a good time to (remember to) photograph them. The first one is a Brazilian magazine, Rita Paiva Make. I was featured in their coverage of the Houston Quilt Market (2012). Just a little blurb, but I actually found it in a bookstore here, and that was really exciting. It was the first time I saw myself in a magazine. 
The next one is an article I did for American Quilt Retailer. I ran into Susan Fuquay at Houston Quilt Market, and we got talking. We shared a common acquaintance, Pamela Wiley, who was the chair of my college's Fiber's department while I was there, and has some common ideas. 
And then the third is from Quilty. I was introduced to quilty by the Art Gallery Team, and submitted a quilt I designed for an issue. I'm amazed at how the process works to get things into magazines. Now I know, and, were it not for awfully expensive shipping to and from Brazil, I'd totally submit more often. I really love how this quilt turned out though. I designed it, my awesome, awesome Mom pieced it, then she took it to a local longarm quilter to do the quilting. Those two did a wonderful job, as you can see in the pictures. I really hope people go out and make this quilt, I think it's a great use of Luxe in Bloom.

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