Monday, August 12, 2013

Sweet Coco Printable: Connect the Dots

Hey you food loving folks! Today I've got a fun printable for you and your tots. This one's a connect the dots. If you can get from #1 to the end of the dots, you'll have discovered the ingredients to Sweet Coco's favorite flan. Then, get your pens, pencils or markers out and color them in!

Remember, Sweet Coco: Dessert with Dad comes out Fall 2013! Keep checking back to see when it's released!

To print (first, see if you can find a piece of paper you've already used one side of, it's best to reuse!) click on the image to bring you to the full sized image. Either drag it to your desktop (by clicking, holding the mouse down while moving the image to your desktop), or right click and choose 'save to downloads'. When printing, make sure to check the print preview, to make sure you're fitting it to the page okay. Enjoy!

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