Saturday, February 15, 2014

Merry Christmas-tine's Day

Okay, as it's just past Valentine's and I'm still getting Christmas presents in the mail, I think it's totally fine that I do another Christmas post. I'll keep going until I receive my last gift (still waiting on Gramma's cookies and this apron!). This year my Aunt Lisa made the most wonderful gift for all of the females of our family.

She went out and got a big bunch of Luxe in Bloom and made a boatload of aprons with it. She even went out in the ice and cold and made a great Christmas tree display with all of them. I love it so much! Super cool, Aunt Lisa!  Super cold! (And Uncle Dave too, I guess he gets credit too!)

As always, I love seeing your projects with my work. You can check out more at my new Pinterest page, and here on the blog.

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