Friday, March 14, 2014

Arcadia for Cloud 9 Fabrics

Oh I'm so excited that I can finally let this cat out of the bag. Poor cat. Anyway, finally out of the bag, I'm ready to show you guys some images of my newest collection with Cloud 9 Fabrics, Arcadia. It hits stores in June, is GOTS certified organic cotton, and is AWESOME! Oh, is that me complimenting my own work? Shame on me. But I do like this collection a lot.

First, for just a taste, the logo. I know the logo really means nothing to the consumer (or, does it?), but I love this logo. It's a perfect snapshot of Arcadia, and I think gives the consumer a really good feel of the collection, even if you'll never actually see the logo anywhere but on the web.
A bit more about Cloud 9's Organic fabric, because I think it's really important: Cloud9 Fabrics uses only 100% certified organic cotton in the manufacturing of our base cloths and eco-responsible low impact dyes for printing and dying. We work closely with mills that are committed to ethical and responsible conduct.  This includes respecting the rights of all individuals, a devotion to sustained social compliance, and an accountability to the environment.

And one more thing, my birthday is this weekend. Is there anything fun I should do to celebrate? Will take suggestions below.

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Samantha @ Pattern Crush said...

The logo is gorgeous! I wish one of the prints was the logo (except the text of course!).