Monday, May 5, 2014

A Little Gift

Everyone loves presents, right? Sometimes it's just nice to get something. And it's always nice to give something. And homemade gifts definitely don't have to be strenuous, time consuming projects. This Mother's Day I'll be seeing a lot of family, and wanted to give the mothers something. I seem to give pot holders as my go-to gift (I think it's the functionality, right? Everyone uses them! Maybe not people who only eat raw food...but the majority), but I'm not sure how many people will be there, and wouldn't want to leave anyone out.

And as I'm sitting there, holding the tiniest Arcadia scraps that I have leftover in my hands, bang, the idea hits me. I have some leftover lavender in my cupboard, and never really knew what to do with it, so I thought, ah! Sachets! Everyone loves those, right? And you can never have too many! So I whipped these out. They came together super quickly and painlessly. They're not perfect, they're sort of all different sizes, and I made these out of my strikeoffs, so the fabrics not even perfect, but you know what? People are very grateful, and they don't care. People are just happy to know that you thought enough about them to make something.

So, what's the lesson today? Go out and make something for someone! Maybe for a mother, maybe for an Aunt or neighbor, or...really, anyone! You'll feel great for doing it, and they'll feel great receiving it.
I love these two together. The print names are (left) Flutterfly and (right)  Wheelsy Daisy. I think they look so sweet as a combo.
What did I say about different sizes? Hah. These are the boy and girl strikeoffs for Arcadia's Mushroom March.

The whole gang! Aren't they sweet just in a pile? I might keep a pile of these by my front door, incase I need to grab a quick gift as I'm heading out.
Fun note, I didn't fussy cut this. It just happened. This is Sunspot & Bee from Arcadia. It comes in two colorways, boy and girl.
To me, these feel super classic and quilty. They're from Arcadia, called Herb Garden (left) and Tumbling (right). Tumbling comes in 4 (you heard that right, FOUR) colorways, and I know it's going to be one of the first things I run out's so useful!
Oh, p.s. I do make real gifts sometimes. After writing this whole post I thought to myself, oh, man, the whole world is going to think you give the worst gifts. Haha. I don't, I swear! These are more like little hugs.

For more on Arcadia, check out Cloud 9's website here.

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