Friday, March 4, 2011

SKETCHBOOK TODAY: female faces

I used to love to draw the female face, and I do still every now and then. But it seems that is much more of a hobby than a serious career choice, being that it is incredible hard to get those caricature gigs at the fair. There are so many different faces out there, I think portraiture is a great art, and if I knew how to realistically and accurately depict peoples' features, I might consider it a career. But since I'm not good at that, I'll just share a few here now. These are some of my favorites from past sketchbooks. Mostly from college, oldies but goodies, you know?
 Some of these sweet ladies forgot to wear appropriate dress to the sketch session.
 A little tribal, yes?
 I think these three are hilarious. I based a later project on them. Excuse my crude language, but they look like three little trashy girls. Maybe it's because they look slightly intoxicated?

This gal also cracks me up. I feel like I've seen her around somewhere, with her large glasses, faux hawk (I guess I've never actually written that word, is that how it's spelled?) and big ole danglers. She's quite a looker. If only she were wearing a shirt.

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