Monday, February 28, 2011


Whoaaaa!! Hold the phone! Such a cool name! What's the inspiration for that? Is it Anthropologie's new BHLDN? (I'm getting married soon, want my registry? Just ask) No, in fact, the inspiration for this stunning title is from one of my favorite summer films: Wet Hot American Summer.
If you were ever a camp counselor, went to summer camp... or were the dishwasher (that's what I was, because cleanliness is next to godliness), you should see this movie.

Anyways, where was I? BKFST? BREAAAAKFAAAST!!! Breakfast, that's right. This week's Spoonflower competition theme is Breakfast. One of my favorites. Go ahead and vote for me. No. Come on, do it!

Plant a seed!

A little something I'm working on for Clay Street Seeds. Okay, you got me, I made that company up. It's just me. I save seeds from my garden. Nerdy, but very cool. Right? People tell me it's cool. Okay, no one told me that. But. Who cares.

Anyways, for this made up company owned by me, I'm designing some seed packaging. A full project post to come as soon as the project is finished. Being that I am the client and the designer... deadlines aren't too strict.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The houses of Clay Street

In the quaint village of Kirkwood, inside Atlanta, is where I lay my head at night. It's wonderfully small and historic, and each street has some amazing architectural displays. Kirkwood traces its beginnings to residential development begun as early as the 1870s. While no one would consider Kirkwood a suburb of Atlanta today, an early tour book described it as an “area of beautiful suburban villas.”

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm working on it.

Oh, and yes, did you like that blurry image in the last post? I'm working on making my images larger.

There are some great articles out there about how to get larger images in blogger (see here and here). I thought I'd try and get away with not actually reading the whole article, just giving myself the CliffsNotes version. Well, that resulted in blurry images. Look back for some adjustments on image size, and also... image quality.


Aaah, rest assured, yes, I have figured out that Blogger is updated and maybe I'm slow, maybe not, but apparently there's is/was/has always been an easy way to get larger images. Crap! There goes my edge! Now everyone's blogs will look amazing and bright!


Aaaah, I thought I was jumping the gun. It turns out I left the gun at home all together. I did not, in fact, jump any gun. I completely forgot to enter my design into the Spoonflower contest. You can still see my design in my Spoonflower design library, but it's not up for purchase yet, so hold off on reupholstering that sofa. As soon as I have some extra change laying around I will get some proofs of the fabric, and set the up to be available for purchase to the public. This week's contest was 'Pointillism', a technique where individual small dots of color are used to create a more complete image. I love pointillism, and thought it would be interesting to give it a try on the computer. My work doesn't exactly exhibit the right characteristics of pointillism, but it's dots. So that's pretty close right? Close enough for me.

Personally, my favorite way to create a pointillist painting is with a Q-tip. A technique you might have tried in the 1st grade, or earlier, but a pretty solid technique nonetheless. Maybe today I'll get a little kindergarten-y. Who knows...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jumping the gun a bit, but...

Here's what I plan on entering in the upcoming Spoonflower competition: Pointillism. It's this one, or another one... we'll see, but I'm really loving these two right now.
The contest isn't for a few more weeks, but when it happens, I'll make sure to let aaaall of you know so you can vote for me.

I'm Digging Memphis

And all her wonderful type.

Print Pattern and Color

Something funny is happening. When I upload these images something is giving them the appearance of being created on watercolor paper. Sort of. I guess it also looks like a grainy image. But my extremely well tuned design brain tells me watercolor paper. But in reality these are about the flattest Illustrator images you could come up with. Oh well. Thank you computer for trying to make me look better than I am. I really do appreciate the help.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Whatcha doing on this rainy Friday?

Just drawing some dead fish. That's all.