Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Okay folks, it's getting crafty up in here

Well, guys I'll have a really fun announcement for you all in a few months. It has to do with fabric. But that's all I'm giving you. You'll just have to keep reading to see what it is. Maybe I ate a bolt of fabric? Maybe not. Who knows? Well, I do. But no  one else. You'll find out soon.

Until then, I'm going to be getting a little crafty up in here! I'm looking to repurpose the stuffing inside my lumpy old pillows. Anyone know if that works? I was going to wash it one more time, you know, lump it up real good. And then take out the stuffing and try to fluff it up? I was thinking back to college and a class I took on felting and thought that the technique used to get all the wool fibers in line would work well. Carding. I don't have any carders here (and think they probably couldn't handle my lumps of fabric either), but I do have one hairbrush and a comb. I thought between the two of those and my super human strength I could probably take the lumps and turn them into something reusable? We'll see.

So what was the point? Oh, what I'm going to make. I thought I'd just make pillows. You know, take old pillows, make more. I might even take apart the old pillow covers I made for my tiny ikea pillows and use that fabric. A whole repurposed project! I'll take a before and after picture. After though. I want some fun pillows, and we're redoing our couches eventually, so I'm not sure what colors. So I was going to make fun fish pillows for our TV room. How about that? I see there are a few tutorials on fish pillows out there, but none that I'm dying to make. So I'll make my own. You want? I want. Here's what I've found out there that I sort of got the idea from.

1. Mimi Kirchner Fish Pillow

2. Smile and Wave Sun Pillow

3. Kojo Designs Fish Pillow (and cute kid, right? It's nice to see the scale)

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