Friday, June 1, 2012


It was going to get crafty up in here. And it did. But the end results were...err... ugly?

I made three things: a pillow shaped like a fish (because I said I was), a potholder (because it seemed simple enough?) and just some triangles of fabric sewn together (because quilting seemed easy enough). And while I was making these things I went through a whole range of emotions. I remembered that sewing, like drawing and playing sports, is something you need to do often to stay good at. You lose your touch. Just like everything else.

So I think I was a little ambitious with my project choices. That was my first problem. Second problem: when I buy fabric I think I look for color first, pattern second, and type of fabric I'm not sure I ever consider that. But things turn out funny when you're trying to make a potholder out of: sating lining, jersey knit, linen, quilting weight cotton and canvas. I guess I forgot that things get warped and goofy when they don't like each other. At least I remembered they were all different materials when I was ironing. Third problem? I was reusing materials, and I haven't bought new fabric in years. So my colors are pretty outdated. I was trying to reuse this fabric from some old pillows we have, and it's this retroish brown green. It threw off all the projects, because it appeared in all three.

In the end I'm making some fun fabric necklaces with the scraps, and they're turning out way better than everything else. So next time I'm back in the states, I'm buying more fabric, and maybe I'll start with something easy, like a plain square pillowcase. Yeah? Good idea? I think so.

Will have pictures of these bad and good projects after the weekend.

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