Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brazilian Flag Tutorial

Well, it's not exactly a tutorial...but it will give you a good idea of how to make one. So a little background first. Why am I making a Brazilian flag? I live in Brazil! And we aren't able to get any American channels to watch the Olympics, so we're watching Brazilian ones. So who are they showing? Brazilian athletes of course. So we're cheering for Brazil this year, solely because we don't really get to see anyone else.

Here's my flag. I already had a little US flag, so I sort of started with that. I cut a rectangle of fabric twice the width of the sample flag (because I planned on wrapping it around the BBQ skewer that was my pole). Then I cut my yellow errr, trapezoid, parallelogram? How did I figure out the correct size (you see, I was just eyeballin')? I folded my (already folded in half) flag base in half, up-down ways and side-to-side ways. This gave me the point where my top and bottoms of the oblongatron (made up shape name) would meet. So I drew lines to connect the points, and there you go, that's the shape, whatever it's name.

Now the circle on top... Circles, to me, are trickier. Look out tomorrow on a little how-to on circles. I used the fold and fold and fold method, like the way you make a snowflake. And just trimmed the edge. Since everything else was eyeballed, I thought a non-perfect circle would be fine.

Then the stitching! I like embroidery, I sure do. I just used a simple regular ole stitch to connect the flag in half, attach the triangulation and the circle. And the part where the flag wraps around the skewer, just a normal stitch there. For the banner on the blue circle (Order and Progression!) I used a...chain stitch, I believe is the name. It's the easiest most decorative thing I know how to do. I like it.

Here's the stats:
Materials: small pieces of fabric, I used some scrap yellow, and Art Gallery blenders. Thread (three colors), scissors, needle, skewer (or other piece of straight wood) a relatively good brain.
Time: 1 hour, total
Skill level: Pretty low... I bet a 10 year old could do it, but might not have the patience. If I was 10, I would omit the stitching and use a bottle of glue instead.

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