Sunday, July 29, 2012


Who loves em? I do.

And so, I've made you guys suuuch an amazing project. Oh, well, okay, maybe it's pretty basic and just for fun. But who doesn't like to play with some scraps, glue and glitter? And maybe some cardboard? Who likes to get dressed up to sit on the couch and watch TV? Me. I asked my husband if he wanted a pair of these wonderful Olympic ring glasses, he politely declined. I have no idea why he wouldn't want a pair.

So here we go. You take some cardboard, and trace some circles on it. I used a yogurt cup and then a smaller glass to make my rings. I mostly eyeballed the spacing (I figured I could get three rings in a row without too much trouble) and used my sunglasses as a template for the nose spacing and ....errr... ear pieces? What are those called? Anyways. I traced that all out of a scrap of cardboard, then cut it out with an exacto knife where I had to, but used scissors where I could, because I'm much less dangerous with those.

Let's see.... next step. Oh, yes, decorate. I used scrap fabric where I could (Olympic colors are red, yellow, green, blue and black, I altered mine a little bit to personal tastes), glitter and sequins. For the fabric I glued down the top piece, then wrapped the rest around the back, then trimmed it. Glitter is pretty self explanatory, just put down some glue, dump on some glitter, you know how it goes. I used a small strip of fabric to attach those ear holders. Glue it on the inside so that they flex right. Then...let's see... Put em on! Watch some Olympic action!!

Scrap Fabric: I used Art Gallery's blender, a solid from them, and a neon pink I found on a sale rack. Sequins, pencil, paint and glitter. Pretty much anything decorative you like.
Cups for tracing circles, and I thought sunglasses made the size process easier. Oh, and HOT GLUE GUN! I don't make many projects without that sucker.

Here are some pictures if that description wasn't good enough.

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