Tuesday, August 7, 2012

About Me

 Well hey and welcome all you Art Gallery fans! Today I am announcing that I will be designing a fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics, so I assume the majority of you are here because of that. But, in the chance that you're here on your own, well lucky you! Today you get to know me a little better. We've got a little video on YouTuby, so check that out, but also check out the little Q&A session below:

1. Where were you born? Lexington, Kentucky. But I only lived there for a few months. I lived in 4 states before I turned 5. And I was raised in southern Alabama.
2. Sweet or sour? Sweet AND Sour!!!! But most hours of the day, sweet. 
3. Favorite song? Whaa? Favorite song? That's really hard. Not to be the boss here, but how about favorite artist? Jimmy Buffett. He's from right next to my hometown, so he's sort of a hometown hero. And margaritas, beaches and palm trees? Who doesn't love that?
4. Dream vacation? I've always wanted to go to a Pacific Island country. Like French Polynesia, Micronesia, Cook Islands, Vanuatu. I don't know anything about those countries but I love little islands.
5. Favorite actor/actress? Well, I don't really think I have a favorite. But right now I'm really liking Cheryl Hines in Suburgatory. She is hiiilarious!
6. Favorite Holiday? Chriiiistmas!!!!
7. Most "go-to" color? Well, black? For wearing. Because I spill a lot. Then, maybe grey? What a boring answer!
8. Favorite food? Artichokes. I always had an artichoke on my birthday growing up.
9. When I grew up I wanted to...draw all day. How did I figure out how to make that happen? 
10. Thing I miss most from home? Home like where I used to live with my parents, or home like the United States (because I live in Brazil)? From my parents house I miss their cooking. They are both incredible cooks. From the United States, I miss the Dekalb Farmer's Market in Atlanta, Georgia. Best supermarket in the world.
11. Pepsi or Coke? Errr, water? 
12. Tea or coffee? Methinks tea. But I like coffee a lot too. But not too much caffeine. I get all crazy!
13. Fav clothing store? Goodwill and Target. I'm a super basic dresser. Oh wait. I should have waited until the next question!!
14. T-shirt & jeans or glam it up? Tee shirt and jeans even sounds fancy for me!
15. Read or TV? Aaaargh, I have to choose between all these great things! Tea or coffee, read or TV? Who chooses just one, guys? I choose both!!! But. For the sake of answering. If I'm alone: read. If I'm with my husband: TV
16. Favorite TV show? Used to be Scrubs, but now I go from series to series, start to finish. My husband and I are midway through Breaking Bad. Kids, don't do drugs!
17. My hobby is.. Gardening. I grew an artichoke!!!! I'll have to post a picture on here. Who knew you could just put a seed in the ground and grow your favorite food?
18. Morning person or Night owl? Morning person for sure.
19. Fav fragrance? Fragrance like smell/scent, I really like the handy wipes you get at BBQ places. Fragrance as far as the ones that come in a bottle, my friend Florencia gave me the only real perfume I have. I don't know the name of it. It's just a little bottle, but I wear it when I'm feeling fancy. I love smells. Garlic and butter. Laundry. Windex. The ocean.
20. Wild card... whatever you want to put ... Make your own Q? Hmmm. I love question and answer, but this seems tough. How about odd facts? Here's one:
-I was a tour guide in college. I gave sightseeing tours on a boat, and we chased dolphins.


Amy Friend said...

Welcome to Art Gallery Fabrics! How exciting! Your collection is lovely and I look forward to sewing with it.

Chelsea said...

Your collection is gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hand on some.

Rosa said...

Your collection is fabulous!!.Can´t wait to play with it.

carolann said...

Very excited for your fabric collection! Enjoyed your video.

sandra said...

Hi Sarah, Welcome to Art Gallery Fabrics. I have loved Pat's fabrics forever and I found your collection yummy. When do we get to buy it?

Sarah said...

Hey everyone! I'm still figuring out how to reply to you personally, so you'll have to deal with me right now. Amy, Chelsea, Rosa, CarolAnn I also can't wait for you to get your hands on it! I'd love to see what you come up with! Sandra, it will be hitting stores in January of next year, so keep an eye out! Check out Art Gallery's website for shops carrying their (oh and mine too, how neat!) fabric!

Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

Congrats on having your own fabric collection with Art Gallery! That is wonderful! And thanks for stopping by my blog- it was a delight finding you there. :)
PS: I went to the University of Alabama so anywhere in AL has a sweet spot for me (OK, maybe not Auburn but you know. :)

Fiodhna said...

It was so great meeting you today. You are such fun! Houston Modern Quilt Guild loves you and I personally can't wait to get some of your fabric. Congratulations.


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