Friday, August 10, 2012

Good Reads!

Okay, so this isn't a wholly individual idea. I'm borrowing it from E, at E Tells Tales (dang, who did her header? super sweet!). She had a post of summer reads, and as I had just bought a whole box of books (see after the photo for info on that), I thought I'd do list of these books... A little insight into my brain, and reviews for what I have read.

1-The Hunger Games: What, you're just now reading it? Yes, I blame it on living in a country where they write books in a language I'm not fluent in. I just got a Kindle and it came with a free book. It's still on the 'top sellers' on some lists, so it was one of the first ones I saw. I had no idea it was so survivalist! I mean, I guess I could have guessed. I think I would probably die pretty quickly in the Games, but if no one could find me, I would probably survive quite a while. Before we moved to Brazil (where there is so much fruit growing right in front of your face that you feel like you could survive forever) I was pretty in to foraging. I didn't do it much, but did come up with some stuff from roadside walks and our back yard. Okay. So this wasn't much of a book review, was it? Well, it was good. Simple and interesting. How's that?

2-Beekeeper's Bible: Haven't read it yet, but it is beautiful, and I thought it would be good on the bookshelf. Reviews said it was a pretty thorough beginner's guide to beekeeping. We live in an apartment at the moment. Probably not happening.

3-Preservation Kitchen: Dang! It's on my wishlist! I forgot I didn't buy it. Shoot.

4-Omnivore's Dilemma: I read this a while ago (I went on a Michael Pollan book spree and read them all), but I brought it home for my husband to read. The Polyface Farm section is great. The best ever. In a dream world I have a screen printing studio on the grounds of my little farm. Hah. One day. Read this book, it'll make you think harder about your food.

5- Farm Anatomy: This book was only $15. Julia Rothman is such a dream girl. I've wanted this book since it came out, but never would have guessed it was priced so sensibly! An amazingly thorough coffee table book for the aspiring farmer.

6-Wild: We just had our first visitor here, and she left this book for us to read (it was her travel read, she finished while she was here). Another one that I'll let you know about. Thought it fit the theme though.

7-With Broadax and Fireband: We live in the Atlantic Forest Region of Brazil. This was the second most ecologically diverse place in the world (second to the Amazon rainforest) until it's demise by the hand of MAN! Oh man. Sad right? (also, don't quite me on these "facts"...) I thought it would be good to have a little history of the area we live in. Also, haven't read it yet.


Okay, so that's it for my book review. How did you like it? Did you like that I haven't read most of the books on the list? If I did a real book review, it would probably have to be a yearly one. So maybe next year. I don't read toooo many books. I wold like to read more though. But until I get better at Portuguese, most of my reading time goes to Portuguese textbooks. Oh well. Those are fun, but not very interesting review material.

And one more tidbit. They aren't libraries where I live (not that I've found) so to get books I have to buy them from bookstores, online, or with  my kindle. I buy from ThriftBooks. They have great shipping options, I can almost always find the book I'm looking for, and the price is right! Also, they're reused, so I like to think that I'm saving a tree somewhere.

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Constantly Constance said...

I just finally read Hunger Games this summer as well as joining Good Reads! I guess all the cool kids were doing the same thing this summer. ;)