Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grand Festival of Art and Books

This year I went to my hometown, Fairhope, Alabama to participate in my first book fair. It was a semi success... haha, in the best sense of the word I guess. The only people I sold books to were my old neighbors. Haha! Oh well.

It was a lot of fun, there were some great authors there and it was very inspiring to see successful writers.

 I painted a backdrop for my booth. It took a while, but turned out pretty great. Although, it turns out that writers don't normally jazz up their booths that much. I was the only one that was running with something other than a table and chair.
Two panels, both based on the back wall of the Chocolate shop in Sweet Coco. Luckily my Mom has tons of leftover paint samples, so I just used those!
My first customer! And former neighbor!
My little booth setup. Books for sale! Business cards for the taking!
Here's the final product. The sunlight from behind didn't make for an optimal photo, so use your imagination. Also, this backdrop was a lifesaver from the sunlight from behind. I was sweeeeaaating when it peeked through the cracks!

I had a stack of my business cards on the table, and all the authors at the festival had stacks of their bookmark shaped cards. What a great idea! Luckily mine are mini moos and look like little kid-sized bookmarks, so that's what I advertised them as.

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Amy Friend said...

I think your backdrop is great--keep using it even if other authors don't!