Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project of the Week with Luxe in Bloom!

Okay! So I've been working on some projects! What's my problem though? Why so slow with the projects? Well, until this week, I had been unable to find any sort of batting. It's hot down here. People don't want quilts! So I finally found some in a costume shop. So I got it and it got my off my tuckus and into the sewing room. Another confession... I'm pretty much making most of this because I need some Christmas gifts! We have my Mother in Law (should that be caps?) and a good friend visiting for Christmas, so I want them to have lots of fun presents. But being that I don't drive here (no driver's license/am still learning to drive our manual) it's tough to get presents. There's always the bus. But the bus is infinitely more intimidating when you don't speak the language so well. 

So what I'm getting at is that I'm making our Christmas gifts. First up on the docket: potholders! But since I have no idea how to find the insulated stuff that goes in the middle, it might end up having something else in there. Like an old towel? I thought that would be a decent insulator. And it's something I have on hand. Suggestions for other good insulators are welcome.

I followed instructions from Jeni Baker's tutorial HERE, on her blog In Color Order. She's a fellow Art Gallery Fabric designer, and from day 1 of making stuff, I've been going to her for her super easy to read tutorials. Lovely, that Jeni Baker is.

The first picture is the first step. It's just a 9 square. I really liked that. Being that my straight line sewing still isn't quit there, maybe I should just stick to the first step? haha. Oh well, I went on anyway. I used Luxe in Bloom's Jeweled Peony in both colorways, Boucherouite Silver and a Liberty fabric I had from those little blocks they give away to bloggers at Quilt Market. 

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Jeni said...

You are sweet! Looking great so far! :)