Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Look at the fabric!

When I got my fabric in the mail -squeeeeedle- Pat Bravo said 'before you cut it all up, make sure you take pictures!!!'. So I had a photo shoot. I'm no photographer, but with my Mom's assistance (see last photo) we got some good shots. It was a really overcast day, the beginning of fall but looked like winter. The colors seemed to pop well. My favorite pictures are the last two. Good ole Mom.

So I see all these pictures of quilty ladies holding up their quilts. Looks like my Mom and I will have to work on this? I guess don't light from behind? Wear schnazzier pants and shoes? Zoom in a little? Haha.


Amy Friend said...

Woo hoo! Very exciting! I love the second picture with the lichen--very cool.

Rossie said...

As long as they are bright, overcast days are my favorite for photographs...all that light with no shadow. Love the fabric...I need some of the watercolory one!

Fiodhna said...

Hilarious!!! Crocs are snazzie... what are you talking about?!? hahaha Congrats Sarah! I love your fabric and you and your mom for getting photos of it and not worrying about perfection.