Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun colored stuff I want

Okay, so I'm trying really hard not to buy stuff. Having moved in the last year I know exactly how much stuff I have. I have a lot. Or, I mean, my husband and I have a lot. But whatever. We have a lot of stuff. Do you know how many reusable shopping bags I have? I'm absolutely sure that with how many I have, it's not any better for the environment. Hopefully they'll last me forever and then even out my score. Anyway. I really would love these backpacks and shoes. My favorite shoe is just like these TIEKS. Mine are GAP, you know, like a third of the price. But one day, when I grow up, I'd love some of these TIEKS. Only if they're as comfy as my other shoes. Buy some for me (or you) at BAGGU and TIEKS.

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