Friday, April 26, 2013

I said I would tell you about Overlanding

It's pretty much just going over land in a vehicle. I guess you live in the vehicle too. I'm not totally sure of the requirements. But there are some pretty amazing journeys being taken by some really adventuresome people (who also must be incredible packers).

See some of the cooler ones I've found below:

Overlandia (okay, it's just pictures)
A Restless Transplant
Landcruising Adventure

How did I get wrapped up in this? From following links on A Continuous Lean's site. I've been checking out that site for a long time now, and it's a pinnacle for American made, craftsman, waxed-canvas, outdoorsiness, reusable, slow-movement kind of stuff. I love the the type of style, but I just can't seem to calm myself down enough to be that simple!

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Amy S. Norris said...

sarah - i hate to have to hunt you down this way, but we were conversing in etsy and for some reason my etsy account wiped all of my saved convos out and put them in lala land. :( good to know - etsy protects you and i cannot find you to save my life on there!

anyways - i would really love to talk again about the fabric and working it into some of my new patterns. holler at me when you get a spare moment (haha), i've just spent a good while having fun in your fabrics. :)

ps - love that labrador. you know i have a soft spot for them!

thanks again girly - amy of brownie-goose (browniegoose(at)hotmail(dot)com