Friday, April 12, 2013

Indian Summer Badges! Party Favors!

So I'm kind of on a party theme with Indian Summer. I made these crowns, and before I made them I actually had started some awesome pins. Broaches, badges, buttons. They're things you wear on your shirt. I'm just not sure what to call them. But I love to wear something on my shirt. I'm sure kids love it to, and this is a party favor that will last. You can wear a pin whenever you want. And they're a fun 'in-front-of-the-TV' project. So that's great!

But I don't really have instructions. They're that easy. Just grab yourself some of the Woodland print and some of the Menagerie print, and get at it! The Woodland print is the one that has scenes of teepees (mountains, however you see it) and little foxes and trees. The Menagerie print is the semi camo that has all sorts of amazing animals hidden in it. I happened to be working with some scraps, and had a bear face and a little mountain that were still in tact.

I trimmed them down, cut a little outside of the bear's face, you know, leave a little room to fold over (or a raw edge would look really nice too, you know, rustic boy's type stuff), and stitched in top of felt with embroidery thread. I used three strands, I believe. The felt I used was just craft store stuff, I left it a little bigger while I was stitching, and trimmed it down when the time came.

For the scene I just did a little straight stitching on top of the element. You don't even have to do that. You could just stitch it down. It's on the same $.25 felt. I stitched the pins on the back before attaching the second layer of felt. It helps sturdy the pins a bit.

Hope you like them!

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Kelly said...

These are amazing Sarah. I love that bear!