Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some inky links this week

This is an easy post, right? I'd love to feed you guys information, but sometimes the blog takes a long time. So maybe just a nice list of links is good, am I right? That way you can pick and choose what you'd like to see.

I'm working with different bill sizes. I wonder if mine would turn out to be a floral shirt. Or a tank top. Dollar Folding: Shirt. It's pretty adorable. I will fold all my money that way from now on.

Lagniappe: Do you know what it is? I do, just from growing up in the coastal South. It's a good thing. If I ever open a brick and mortar store, I surely hope I find some nice lagniappe I can give.

For the Makers: This looks like an amazing idea. Craft kits, ready to go. Like beautiful and stylish craft kits

Tokyo Jinja: It's a nice little blog. Not all the fuss and muss and ads you see all the time now. Just interesting, informative posts. Great taste too.

Rebecca Atwood. Are you sensing a theme based on the links I've chosen? I am loving ink these days. Inky blue. Indigo. Denim and dye.

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