Friday, June 28, 2013

North America!

I really love living in South America. Sure we've got summer year round, beaches, palm trees, but sometimes I just get nostalgic for woods. And squirrels, pine trees, cooler weather, mushrooms...basically North American things.

Perusing through some of these companies websites and blogs (is that bad that I get the sense of outdoorsiness just from looking at the internet) fixes me up for a bit.

Juniper Ridge: Naturally distilled fragrances. Cabin spray. A cabin! Just put me in a cabin!
Barbour: Can't remember the last time I needed a jacket down here.
10 Engines: Gives me a good boost of plaid, beards and leather.

Images from:
1: 10 Engines
2: Barbour
3: Juniper Ridge's Tumblr

After seeing these, don't you just want to camp? Burn some marshmallows. And pick wildflowers? Use something made out of canvas....kick a pine cone. Feel cold, and put on a jacket. North American things. For now I'll just go kick some coconuts.

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