Monday, July 22, 2013

A little Indian Summer sewing

So I've almost wrapped up my next (don't get too excited, it won't be for quite a bit) collection for Cloud 9 (yay yay yay!!!), and I've got some spare time to sew a little bit. I didn't have much in mind, I was sort of just cutting and sewing. Here's some Indian Summer stuff. Next I'll throw some Luxe in Bloom stuff your way.


Jeni said...

Love these fun log cabin blocks! :)

Dale said...

Beautiful! I recently came across your Indian Summer collection and am eyeing it for a quilt for my son. I'm making my first real quilt for my daughter right now but while looking for fabric for her quilt, was surprised at how few choices there were for boys (that didn't include robots or cars - not that I'm against robots or cars, just wanted something that could grow with him). Your collection fits that bill perfectly!