Friday, July 12, 2013

A little Sophia to end the week

Well, since I lost the phone that takes my instagram pictures (whoops, hopefully it's in a better place?) I'll just throw some regular type photos of my favorite subject up here for you fine folks. Apparently she has forgotten that she is not allowed on the bed, and is not ashamed of it.

Also, a little music for your ears. I love this song. Don't you? It's like a whole movie squished into a couple minutes. Paul Simon really is the best.

And then this one. She loves to sniff the breeze. She's a strange dog. We're on the 13th floor and she also really loves looking out the windows. We have a full height (length? how do you describe a floor to ceiling window?) window on our porch and she'll just sit there and look down at the pool next door. The window is covered in nose marks, which I never understood as a non dog owner. Now I understand them.

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Kelly said...

Oh Sarah - she is such a sweetie!