Friday, July 12, 2013

Garden Time!

Well, I've been having a bummer of a time with my garden this year. Since we moved to Brazil I've been toying with our apartment garden. We're on the 13th floor, and it's quite windy. I wasn't too worried about that though. Close the windows, right? Easy fix. The weather here is amazing. I bought some seeds and the planting season for our area was THE WHOLE YEAR. Every single month. Hah. So that's great.

But the obstacles. After a long search for seeds, I finally found some. Great seeds, strawberries, lots of herbs, peppers, tomatoes, nice variety for container gardening, you know? The seeds themselves have been less than impressive. The germination rate has been like...0. Zero percent. I have basil growing and tomatoes, and those are the only ones I can get to grow, every seed from the one brand I found has germinated nuthin. I don't have a super green thumb, but I can usually at least get the seeds to go. Sigh. Until I can get these babies going, or find a yard to grow something in, I'm just oogling over these gardening supplies from Kaufmann Mercantile, and remembering Turtle Tree Seeds, where I used to buy my seeds.

Imagine having that much fill up that whole back basket. Hah. What a dream! It'd be super useful here during mango season!

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