Friday, July 19, 2013

Luxe in Bloom and Indian Summer Embroidery Floss Matches

Okay, so this is a long time coming. I think I promised it in March? But the DMC (nope, not sponsored by anyone, this is just a really common brand, therefor the one I looked at) floss color matches to the Luxe in Bloom and Indian Summer fabric lines are here!

I've circled the Luxe in Bloom matches in pink, and the Indian Summer matches in blue. Okay, so there aren't many circles, but this is a good starter. If there's a color you don't see matched here, leave a message.
See the original DMC chart HERE.

Okay... I'm realizing that image is sort of hard to see. Here's a list:
Luxe in Bloom
341, 161, 823, 967, 818, 3819, 317, 169
Indian Summer
958, 3825, 3809, 472, 648, 797, 823, 3820

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Esmari Taylor said...

Love all the embroidery details you've posted so this is really handy! Thanks!